Mechanical Engineer (DH)

Company Name:
SITE Personnel/MAP Engineering
PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY: Design development of assigned engineering projects.
1. Responsible for interpretation of and compliance with customer purchase specifications.
2. Develop design or design concept and product specifications within cost and budget goals.
3. Coordinate designer and design engineers' efforts, based on budget and schedule, when assigned.
4. Make or supervise preparation of layout drawings.
5. Perform calculations.
6. Prepare detail and assembly drawings when drafting assistance is unavailable.
7. Confer with engineering management on problems encountered and questions arising on project.
8. Develop requirements for and specify purchased components.
9. Communicate with other OGI operations on project requirements.
10. Prepare proposals with estimated engineering effort from customer specifications and to marketing
11. Participate in design reviews and other assigned activities.
12. Direct checking of all drawings prepared for use on project.
13. Other duties as assigned.
B.S.M.E. Preferred
3 years mechanical or hydraulic design of powered equipment
Short notice travel may be required

Don't Be Fooled

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